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LABO 5 Patent Ampoules against hair loss for men, N 14

A dermocosmetic in ampoules that helps to stop hair loss by acting on the various causes, promoting the strengthening of the hair shaft in the scalp.

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A dermocosmetic in ampoules that helps to stop hair loss by acting on the various causes and by strengthening the hair shaft in the scalp. Thanks to Transdermal technology, the active ingredients penetrate the hair system not only transfollicularly (through the follicle opening), but also through the scalp layers, facilitated by their low molecular weight and the 3 added stimulants.

Swiss patent CH 711 466.

It consists of 4 complexes with active molecules and is supported by 5 Swiss patents:

  • Anti-hair loss complex (hydroxyproline, aspartic acid, enzymatic activator) with taurine: it has a powerful action on the hair follicle sheath and helps prevent premature separation of the hair shaft. Swiss patent CH 693 817;
  • Scalp and hair anti-ageing complex (pentapeptide-28, hydrolysed soy protein, myrtle extract, teprenone): it acts on the aging agents of the hair system, prolonging the functionality of the hair follicles. Swiss patent CH 700 735;
  • Scalp and Hair Follicle Stem Cell Protection Complex (Pentapeptide-31, Hydrolysed Pea and Finger Laminaria Extract): helps maintain scalp reserve cells in good condition, which are the foundation of hair follicle health and life. Swiss patent CH 704 629;
  • Hair Follicle Islet Complex (Glycogen, Proline, Hydrolysed Lupin Protein, Glutamicamidoethyl Indole, Baicalin): it promotes the trophism of follicles located in hair follicle islets (multiple follicle units) to reduce hair loss. Swiss patent CH 710 438.

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