Anita Mētra – scalp and hair care specialist, hairdresser, trichologist – talks about hair care and the fight against hair loss

Hair is an essential part of a person’s overall visual image. They can accentuate both personality and style. Hair needs to be taken care of, just like the body and face. At any age, it is important to take proper care of your scalp and hair, paying attention to the product you are using and for whom it is intended. You need to understand that there are everyday products as well as products for intensive care.

Hair loss is a problem nowadays. It can be triggered by various factors – scalp diseases (fungus), dandruff, allergies, chronic diseases, diet, medication, hormonal changes, lactation, etc. Also, negligent scalp and hair care can lead to hair thinning and loss.

If hair loss is increased, growth stimulants and anti-hair loss products should be used. If the problem is more serious, a trichologist should be consulted. To prevent increased hair loss, it is imperative to find the cause by consulting a specialist.

There are a wide range of diagnostic options that identify the cause and help people deal with hair or scalp problems faster.

You are you emphasised care for the scalp. What does correctly care for your scalp and hair?

Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp. If you have seborrhoea, dandruff or other scalp problems, your hair texture will also suffer. Often, people don’t know how to find the right care products and method for them. As I mentioned, it is important to have a scalp diagnosis and then choose your shampoo and care products.

For those who wash their hair frequently, dermatologically tested products are recommended for daily use that are gentle on the scalp and pH level, thus protecting against potential problems.

My advice is to take extra care of both your scalp and your hair. Choose the right care products for you, which are therapeutic and designed for home use. This morning, there are very high quality hair care products available to help (reduce-stop) hair loss and promote hair growth.

LABO shampoos address scalp and hair problems (seborrhoeic hair, dandruff, sensitive scalp and volumising hair). The formula is enriched with 3 types of hyaluronic acids that reconstruct all three components of the hair, fill the hair fibres and activate keratin production. They restore the hair’s moisture balance, intensively nourish and prevent frizz. The shampoos thoroughly and gently cleanse the hair. The unique formula, thanks to its cleansing and moisturising properties, helps to normalise the scalp, restructures and replenishes the hair fibres.

Hair Hair Care there is a wide range of resources. How to avoid confusion and choose the most appropriate and effective solution to the problem?

When choosing hair care products, attention should be paid to the formulation, clinical studies and patents.

To make hair healthier and restore its structure, hair care products should contain the following active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, panthenol, phospholipids, sphingolipids, collagen, keratin, hydrolysed silk, royal jelly extract, algae and vitamins. They help to rebuild the hair structure at both the cuticle and keratin fibre level in the cortex.

In a situation where hair is falling out, attention should be paid to the intensity of the hair loss. It can be a seasonal phenomenon or a serious problem. In both cases, a solution is needed, which is why I recommend early use of anti-hair loss products (shampoos and ampoules). They should contain amino acids such as cysteine, lysine and glycoprotein, which will stimulate new hair growth. Hydrolysed yeast proteins and acetyl-tetrapeptide-3 will strengthen hair roots.

You use CRESCINA products in your practice. What makes them unique?

I believe that Crescina products are among the most effective in the fight against hair loss. They not only prevent hair loss, but also promote new hair growth thanks to the new Transdermal technology and active ingredients.

I recommend it to my clients with alopecia (hair loss), after taking medication (antibiotics), in situations of low immunity, on diets and to new mothers who need to restore, strengthen and prevent hair loss. Ampoules and shampoos contain active ingredients that act on the hair follicle, helping to restore hair growth and stop hair loss.

These products have undergone several clinical trials and have Swiss patents guaranteeing their quality.

When starting a course, I always recommend choosing a complex – both shampoo and ampoules – as this will help to achieve the maximum effect.

CRESCINA TRANSDERMIC – ampoules and shampoos with the latest generation of formulas that promote the physiological regrowth of weakened hair and prevent hair loss, positively affect active and semi-active follicles, stimulate keratin production.

Innovative product with 8 Swiss and worldwide patents. Efficacy 100% for all study participants. Average of 6300 new hairs using CRESCINA ampoules for 4 months (in-vivo clinical studies). Different formulas for men and women. Three product concentrations: 200 initial, 500 intermediate and 1300 severe thinning.

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